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Infra Projects Group is a leading DDA-focused bus stop construction company in Melbourne. We have a decade-long experience in the field and are equipped with advanced tools and technologies to complete bus stop construction projects on time. From rectification of older bus stops or constructing new ones, we’ve got you covered. We carry out our every bus stop construction project adhering to the comprehensive disability standards for accessible public transport.

Infra Projects Group also works with government authorities to meet bus stop construction requirements. We also provide the latest amenities to give you a modern, comfortable bus stop. With informed strategies and design planning, we offer you the best bus stop construction in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Infra Projects Group is known for its accurate project procurement and delivery methodologies. Apart from this, our team of experts has years of experience in building various types of sturdy and durable structures. Our civil engineers take care of your needs for new construction or rectify the older ones. Our project managers offer centralized accountability to ensure the streamlined process from inception to completion.

We offer the best bus stop construction in Melbourne

Infra Projects Group is a leading bus stop construction Melbourne company that has been at the forefront of bus stop construction services. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated and experienced in installing bus stop as per DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant standard. With us, you can complete bus stop construction projects on time without any complexity. With our customer-centric focus, we strive to optimize the overall project cost leveraging modern technologies.

Our services are available for public transportation authorities & construction companies. We can construct new bus stops or modify existing structures as per your needs. We also ensure to provide the latest amenities to give you a comfortable journey. Infra Projects Group has completed car park construction Melbourne projects with 100% client satisfaction.

Working Closely with DDA Standards

The Disability Discrimination Act is critical legislation in Australia that addresses various discriminations against people with disabilities. These standards work on the grounds of eliminating discrimination ‘as far as possible.’

When it comes to bus stop construction, we focus on the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) guidelines. Some essential guidelines that we consider while constructing a bus stop are:


To meet AS 1428.1 (2009), we keep the minimum footpath width to 1800 mm as it can accommodate two wheelchair passengers to pass.

Turning or Circulation Spaces

  • To allow a wheelchair user to take a 90° turn, we keep the circulation space at least 1500 mm x 1500 mm.
  • To ensure a wheelchair user turns between 90° to 180°, we keep the circulation space at least 1540 mm x 2070 mm.


To meet AS 1428.1 (2009), we keep the maximum gradient for accessible paths, i.e. 1:14. We also take care of the level landings by taking the following maximum intervals:

  • For gradients that are shallower than 1:33, no landings are needed.
  • For gradients of 1:33, no max than 25mm intervals
  • For gradients of 1:20, no max than 15mm intervals
  • For gradients of 1:14, no max than 9mm intervals


We meet the Crossfall criteria by keeping the path not steeper than 1:40

Ground Surfaces

To ensure the bus stop is accurate as per the DDA standards, we opt for slip-resistance surfaces like

  • Asphalt
  • Rough finish natural stone
  • Concrete with an abrasive finish
  • Paving bricks with an abrasive finish


To fully meet AS1428.1 (2009), we follow the below criteria:

  • We keep the maximum gradient of 1:14
  • Level landings of 1:40/1:33
  • Handrails not less than 300mm

Bus stop shelter construction in Melbourne

Bus stop shelter construction plays a vital role in improving the transport system. It protects the commuters and pedestrians waiting for the bus at the existing bus stop.

Infra Projects Group uses modern tools and working technology to construct quality bus stop sheds which are sturdy and durable. We’ve got skilled professionals who can build all types of structures.

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We offer our bus stop construction services to government authorities, public transportation players and private construction companies. We make use of structural aluminium or steel for constructing the structure. So be it rectification of concrete handstand, footpaths, tactile, Kerb & Channel, shelters or signages, we’ve got you covered. 

Bus passenger shelter requirements:

  • To provide a continuous accessible path of travel, the minimum width on each side of the shelter should be 1200 mm. 
  • If the shelter also has an advertising pane (that’s usually 1500 mm wide), a minimum roadside width of .9 metres is required.
  • If the end panels are 800 mm, then the minimum roadside width can be reduced to 0.2 metres.

Other street furniture

The street furniture can cover a wide range of accessories like seats in lieu of bus passenger shelters, rubbish bins, and real-time information signs. If a bus stop has any of the street furniture, then there is a need for a 1200 mm continuous accessible path of travel.

In addition, the street furniture should be kept behind from the kerb by at least  500 mm to allow for bus overhangs. This DDA arrangement makes the overall commute easier.

Bus stop kerbing

The kerb should be a 150 mm higher barrier kerb according to the VicRoads Standard Design Drawing SD 2001. This type of kerb offers excellent guidance to the bus driver and also offers protection to waiting passengers. This is an ideal height to meet the criteria of Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (2002). 

In addition, if the kerb is not present then consideration must be provided to otherwise achieve the minimum necessary gradient for ramps deployed from the bus.

Defining an ideal bus stopping area:

According to the law statement — “A driver (except the driver of a public bus) must not stop at a bus stop, or on the road, within 20 metres before a sign, and within 10 metres after the sign, unless the driver stops at a place on a length of the road, or in an area, to which a parking control sign applies and the driver is permitted to stop at that place under the Road Rules”

In addition, pavement markings are ideal to install to support the Bus Zone signs. However, these pavements do not have regulatory significance as of now.

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Specialised bus stop builder

Infra Projects Group is known as a specialised bus stop builder. We take care of your budget and ensure to complete the project within the time frame. We’re also known for cost-effective bus stop construction services.

We strictly follow protocol while constructing the project. As a result, we have completed numerous projects in Melbourne and regional Victoria with excellent results.

Infra Projects Group has a talented team of professionals who are dedicated to their work. Our experts use the latest technologies and tools for constructing quality bus stops at affordable prices.

Why choose Infra Projects Group

Material quality

We pick the highest-grade materials for our bus stop shelter construction. With durability in mind, our experts pay special attention to material quality.

Skilled civil engineers

Infra Projects Group is a team of skilled and certified civil engineers. We have years of experience in the construction industry. Our engineers are dedicated to quality work and provide the highest satisfactory construction services.

Cost-effective solutions

We closely work with government authorities and private companies to offer affordable bus stop construction in Melbourne. We ensure the project & its stakeholders are aligned on vital time and cost metrics.


Our professionals use the latest tools and technologies to construct lasting bus stop shelters in Melbourne. We are an experienced car park construction Melbourne company that follows industry-leading construction techniques to deliver robust durability.


Sustainability is an essential aspect of our company. We focus on establishing a zero-harm working ecosystem. Our team takes care of every minor and significant sustainability aspect from our clients to workers, engineers, and supply partners.

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