Infra Projects Group has recently completed a wooden fencing project for one of the leading design and construction companies in Australia. The client company is well-known for its new-age design services and fast-track programs in the construction industry.

About Infra Projects Group:

Infra Projects Group is one of the most sought-for fencing contractors in Melbourne. The excellence of our company lies in the authentic and finest practices we showcase in the projects we work on.

Fencing is an indispensable part of the construction as it increases the security and appeal and aesthetics of the building. Our team of expert workers creates the finest range of wooden fences and wooden gates to revitalise the outdoor space. Our extensive range of timber fencing will be a perfect choice for your residential and commercial infrastructure. The service package includes installation, wood fence panelling replacement, and fence repair in Melbourne.

Recently, the leading construction company approached us about their fencing needs, which we managed successfully, overcoming all the challenges.

How the Strategy was Planned and Executed?

The Infra Project Group deployed the wooden fencing project with a domain-experienced and highly-skilful team that worked diligently and finished the project on time.

We created a solid strategy to meet our client’s expectations. First, we planned the project in a way so that we don’t have to spend a fortune. Next, we deliberately paid attention to the quality of supplies and equipment used during the installation of the fences. Last but not the least, we set a delivery deadline and planned the entire project according to that.

What were the Challenges and the Strategic Resolution?

To begin with, we did not have enough space to store our woods and other technical  equipment on the project site. This was quite challenging for our team as we had to install the fences within a limited area while compromising on bigger equipment.

Another challenge we faced during the project was the lack of materials for the project because of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. During the pandemic, the supply chain came to a halt due to lockdown and travel restrictions which lowered the availability of required product and equipment for the project. Our team tried to minimise the wastage of material so that the project doesn’t have to stop because of limited supplies.

However, we figured out ways to overcome these challenges. We used as much space within the project area as we could to store the woods and other instruments. We used small equipment to install the fencing. Our expert workers handled the challenges with proper strategy and were able to finish the project within the deadline. It was indeed a huge achievement for our team.

About Wooden Fencing:

Also known as timber fencing, wooden fencing is used for different purposes: as a partition, a structure, a marker, a wall divider, or as a barrier made around a designated property area. There are many reasons why people prefer wooden fencing over other types of fencing.

Some Reasons in Favour of Wooden Fencing Installation:

  • Elegance and Aesthetics: Wooden fences are highly versatile which enables you to choose any style or look of your choice. You can fence your yard with the elegant look of Gothic or give it a rustic aesthetic of Flat Top design. You can go for a rail fence if you want to cover a large area or for a picket fence if you want the fence to look more classic. If you want to shield your yard from snoopy neighbours or prefer safety over everything else, a privacy wood fence will serve your purpose.
  • Easy and Fast Installation: Wooden fences are easy to install and don’t take much time. As it is an outside construction, it doesn’t disrupt the home or business affair. If you need timber fencing contractors for your upcoming projects, we have an expert team of fence contractors.
  • Easy to Customise: Wooden fences are easy to customise, which is one of its most appealing features. Fence height, gate width, and matching accessories (e.g. wooden flower boxes) are just to name a few.
  • Painting or Staining: Some homeowners love to renovate their houses and surroundings from time to time. Just by painting or staining the wood fence, you can give your yard an entirely new look without much effort. Wood is naturally resistant to decay. However, painting it at regular intervals will help in decreasing the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Affordability: Wood fencing is comparatively affordable than those made of other materials such as aluminium, vinyl, or wrought iron. They don’t require much maintenance. An occasional scrub is more than enough for decades-long sustainability.
  • Variety: There are a wide variety of woods you can choose from. Pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, spruce, painted wood, or wood tarnished in your favourite colour, there are endless options you can go for. You can colour your fence every Christmas to give your home a fresh, new look. To elevate the look of the fence even more, there are many styles you can choose from such as split rail, picket, board on board, paddock, shadowbox, stockade, and many more. Our fencing service includes all of these styles and ranges.
  •  Increases Property Value: Wooden fences appeal to home buyers and property owners as it provides security and privacy. These timber fences can keep your kids and pets safe and make the yard more homely.

Why You Should Consider Infra Projects for your Fencing Needs?

  • Ample Work Experience: We have been working as fence builders in Melbourne for over a decade and have completed numerous projects, which have given us the required exposure to do our job like a pro.
  • Skilful team: Our highly-skilled professionals can manage any project with ease and perfection, helping you accomplish your goal. We have the team of the finest fence builders in Australia.
  • Effective Execution Process: Our team follows an effective and proven execution process so that the project never crosses its deadline, which makes us the best fence contractor in Melbourne.
  • Zero-harm policy: Our zero-harm policy ensures the safety and security of every member involved in the project.