Infra Projects Group is one of the leading DDA compliance bus stop construction companies in Melbourne, Australia. At Infra Projects, we cover all bus stop construction services such as the renovation of older bus stops, constructing new ones, or relocating bus stops. We also strictly adhere to the comprehensive disability standards for convenient public transport.

We also work with government authorities to meet all the bus stop construction requirements. We offer the best bus stop construction in Melbourne by following proper strategies, design planning, and the latest amenities.

What is DDA Compliance Bus Stop?

As stated by the Human Rights Commission of Australia, “The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the ‘DDA’) seeks to eliminate discrimination, ‘as far as possible’, against people with disability. Public transport is a service covered by the DDA. In 2002 the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (the ‘DSAPT’) were issued to assist public transport operators and providers to meet their obligations under the DDA. The DDA makes it unlawful for any person to contravene a Disability Standard (including the DSAPT).”

The Australian Human Rights Commission has prepared this guideline to assist bus infrastructure providers to conform to the DSAPT. The recommendations in this Guideline are based on the requirements outlined in the DSAPT, including the technical ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ requirements of the Australian Standards which are referenced in the DSAPT.

Infra Projects- Your Best Choice for Bus Stop Construction


At Infra Projects, we emphasise the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) guidelines. Some of the most crucial aspects we focus on while constructing a bus stop include:

Widths: To meet AS 1428.1 (2009), we keep the minimum footpath width to 1800 mm as it can allow two wheelchair passengers to pass.

Turning or Circulation Spaces

  • We keep the circulation space at least 1500 mm x 1500 mm so that a wheelchair user can easily take a 90° turn.
  • We keep the circulation space at least 1540 mm x 2070 mm. It ensures a wheelchair user can turn between 90° to 180°.

Gradients: Following AS 1428.1 (2009), we keep the maximum gradient at 1:14 for accessible paths, not steeper than 1:20 wherever possible. We also look out for the level landings by taking the following maximum intervals:

  • No landings are required for gradients shallower than 1:33.
  • For gradients of 1:33, no max than 25m intervals
  • For gradients of 1:14, no max than 9m intervals
  • For gradients of 1:20, no max than 15m intervals

Crossfall: We keep the path not steeper than 1:40 following the Crossfall criteria.

Ground Surfaces: We select the best ground surfaces to ensure the bus stop is perfectly built as per the DDA compliance. We opt for slip-resistant surfaces such as:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete with an abrasive surface
  • Rough texture natural stone
  • Paving bricks with an abrasive polish

Ramps: To fully meet AS1428.1 (2009), we follow the below standards:

  • The maximum gradient of 1:14
  • Level landings of 1:40/1:33
  • Handrails not less than 300mm

Requirements of the Project

The primary requirement of the project was to remove an existing bus stop as it was disrupting other construction projects by the client. Another requirement of the project was to rebuild the bus stop as per the DDA compliance.


Challenges involved in the Project:

The residents living in the area stated that having a bus stop in front of their property is in no way a good thing. It disturbed their daily life. They could not have a parking spot because of the space issue. There was also the non-stop noise issue.

Apart from that, the location of the bus stop was also not convenient. As the bus stop was in front of the client’s other development site, there was not enough space which is why we faced difficulty in movement of men, machinery, and material during the project.

There are also many other factors that made it more challenging to execute the project seamlessly such as working amidst the live traffic, scheduling work so as to avoid rush hours, and safeguarding underground services. In addition, we had to obtain multiple permissions and approvals from different agencies such as gas, water connection, and traffic related authorities.

Apart from that, the footpath and kerb had steep level differences and the design was also non-compliant with the DDA standard. Our workers had to work close to underground services which were also quite challenging.

Strategic Approach and Execution

We coordinated with the Council, DoT, residents, client, and the bus company which turned out to be helpful in the successful execution of our project. For seamless incorporation of DDA compliance construction, we connected with experienced designers and contractors. Effective planning and strategizing before starting the actual work have helped us a lot.

Our management skills helped a lot during the relocation process. Otherwise, it was almost impossible to get the consent of the new property owner.

We deployed traffic marshals for diversion of traffic so that the public transport does not get interrupted. Moreover, we had to set up an underground services experts team to oversee the execution process especially during the removal of supports.


We completed this breakthrough project within 5 days with excellent output. All the parties involved in the project were impressed with Infra Project’s management service, expertise in DDA compliance, and tactical management of the client. We faced many challenges along the way which we overcame with wonderful cooperation from everyone involved in the project.

Specialty of the Project:

The DDA compliance bus stop construction project was a special project, which has now become a glorious part of our portfolio. The project was not devoid of obstacles rather it had been a work of dust and perspiration and yet we achieved a successful completion. Some of the features that made the project special include:

  • The project required an entire relocation of the bus stop after removing it from the previous location. We relocated the entire bus stop to the next property so that it does not interfere with the client’s development work. The previous bus stop was conflicting with our client’s property access as per new development plans and permits.
  • We chose a suitable site that satisfied all the DDA criteria and got approval from all our stakeholders prior to initiation of the project.
  • Due to underground services, we had to face a lot of obstacles. However, we were able to overcome all the challenges with the expertise and aptitude of our team members.

Reasons to Consider Infra Projects:

Infra Projects Group offers the best bus stop construction services in Melbourne. Below mentioned are some of the reasons you must consider Infra Project Group for your upcoming projects:

  • Our construction service is a juxtaposition of the finest industry practices and state-of-the-art equipment which ensures an excellent result.
  • We offer a wide range of construction services from bus stop construction to fencing, residential buildings colored concrete to commercial landscaping. We take pride in our highly-skilled construction team who has completed many projects adhering to clients’ needs.
  • We have an impeccable record of on-time delivery, superior customer service, and ethical conduct.
  • Our expert team of civil engineers is committed to excellence. The team follows regulated safety procedures for all kinds of construction projects.
  • Focused on sustainability, our primary goal is to establish a “Zero Harm” work environment.