Retaining walls are an essential component of modern construction projects since they not only improve the appearance but can also help with concerns like erosion control and managing land slopes. Retaining walls, which are frequently constructed of natural stone or wood, give the areas of your landscape that need it the most a clear boundary and degree of definition.

Building a retaining wall is an excellent approach to improving your garden’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The soil bed is supported by it, and it also serves as a striking aesthetic element that will endure for many years. At Infra Projects, we have recently implemented a retaining wall service in Melbourne, especially using timber, which made our project stand apart. In this blog, we will discuss retaining wall construction services along with a case study of how we successfully implement them for our customers.

Wood Retaining Walls – Explained!

A timber retaining wall is excellent for redesigning a sloped yard and giving your garden space a true identity and presence. A retaining wall built of wood will be straight, unlike some materials that can be utilised to make curves. Wooden timber walls are a cost-effective option for building materials. Railroad ties and pressure-treated landscape timbers are two options for wood walls. For the most part, lower-height designs work better for timber or tie walls.

Wood Retaining Wall Specifications

A wood retaining wall is often no taller than four feet. There are two fundamental construction approaches, each suited to a particular set of circumstances. Upright stanchions fixed in a concrete footing are used, together with horizontal wall planks, often 2 x 6. This is frequently used in the kitchen garden for raised beds. The other approach uses very massive timbers. Usually, 6 × 6, stacked and reinforced with steel rods inserted via holes bored through to grade. Deadmen are extensions behind the wall that extends back into the slope and give additional strength against bowing. The landscape contractor will choose the optimum construction approach for your specific landscape application.

Why choose Wood instead of Concrete Stones for Retaining Walls Construction?


High-quality wood is used to construct every wooden component required for retaining walls construction. If placed in accordance with our recommendations, wood will last at least 15 years, while they are anticipated to survive even longer.


Even an individual might assist in retaining wall construction since wood is so lightweight. A wood retaining wall build requires no strenuous lifting, and all the components fit inside a typical automobile. Additionally, there is no requirement for bases or cement, and they can be placed on any surface, including slopes, including dirt, grass, tarmac, concrete, and asphalt. However, if the construction project for the retaining wall is large, planning, organisation, and quality craftsmanship are essential.


Due to its ability to bear both compression and tension pressures, wood is sometimes stronger than stone. With ground movement or frost, it won’t crack. Each dowel in wood can endure 0.9 tonnes of strain and is attached at several joints. Like a lot of flimsy timber goods on the market, the structure is a single, solid piece that won’t easily sag.


The wood is attractive in its natural state and doesn’t require varnishing. Over time, it will age naturally and turn grey. You might also choose to paint them. It can be painted with any water-based exterior paint, so pick a shade that blends in with the rest of the garden and that you prefer.


Timber retaining walls are the most popular alternative stone walls because of their ease of construction and inexpensive cost. This type of wall is also a low-cost option for your landscaper to control short slopes, which may erode or become unstable over time. In recent years, the popularity of raised bed food gardens has led to the incorporation of a milder version of this retaining wall into several new landscaping projects.

Easy to Construct

Building a wood retaining wall does not require any expert knowledge. You will receive both generic assembly instructions and instructions customised to your construction from us. Without the use of power tools or specialised equipment, the wood may be put together fast and easily.

Organic and Sustainable

Contrary to heavily treated sleepers, the timber we use comes from sustainable forests, and our treatment method uses no chemicals that could leach from the wood. We continue to make great efforts to minimise our carbon footprint in all we do, and the dowels are all produced using recycled plastic.

Why Choose Infra Projects for Timber Retaining Wall Services?

High-end Services

As landscape hardscaping professionals, we can assist you as a competent retaining wall builder. From removing rotten railroad ties and completing earthwork to creating a new timber, block, or stone retaining wall, we provide complete retention wall construction services.

Customisable Solutions

When it comes to replacing or erecting a retaining wall, you have several choices. At Infra Projects, we recommend what works best for your project based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and practical requirements such as terracing, drainage, and erosion management. Our retaining wall build specialists can advise you on the finest type of retaining wall for your garden or yard.

Top-notch Quality

We have designed and built a variety of custom retaining walls throughout Melbourne. Our designs prioritise creating a wall that will give the maximum structure and support for your environment. Another important aspect of our designs is the construction of a high-quality retaining wall that complements the pattern of your landscape while taking into account the existing shapes, textures, and colours.

Affordable Services

As a top landscape design and retaining wall contractor in Melbourne, we offer affordable wood retaining wall installation services for residential and commercial property owners. If you need retaining wall services for your home, contact us right away for a free consultation and quote.